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Winter 2001/2002 Volume 4, Issue 8:
Excerpts from Acceptance Speeches at Cirque de la Vie

Mike Katz and & Susie Novis
At age 37, being diagnosed with myeloma was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. Worst of all, though, was the loneliness.

With all due respect to the medical profession, newly-diagnosed patients need much more than a bone marrow biopsy, a couple of bottles of pills and an IV drip. When I found the IMF, it made all of the difference.

It saved my life. Volunteering for the IMF has been a ray of light for me. It has made this nightmare we call myeloma somehow more tolerable. I’m proud to have helped in our efforts to fund ground-breaking research, to bring promising young scientists into the field, to bring us closer to the day when myeloma will stop killing good people.”

Michael S. Katz
Gala Honoree

“This award has a very special meaning for me and for my company, Ortho Biotech. Quality of Life is an issue on which we share such strong common ground with the IMF. Like the foundation, we understand the importance of driving the science and never wavering in the commitment to find new treatments for cancer. We fully understand and support education as one of the most powerful tools patients can use in their quest to live longer and better lives. We’re excited about the success of the IMF and the number of patients who have benefited from your efforts. We respect you for your relentless commitment to helping patients live better lives. We look forward to continuing to partner with you toward this goal.”

William C. Pearson
Quality of Life Award

William Pearson & Robin Leach

Rudolf & Diana Brutoco

“Giving, helping others, being involved in the community – it’s something we all learned growing up in our house. We all need others in our own times of crisis – and if there is anyone there when we need them, then we sure better be there now for someone else. Helping is contagious, and it is always the Season for Giving. The IMF is there now, and your support of the IMF is one way – one excellent way – to keep goodness circulating in our world. There is untapped power in all of us – when it is employed, it just might be what others call COURAGE.”

Rudolf L. Brutoco, MD, MPH
Courage Award

“When it comes to treating cancer, everyone at CTI knows there is not a life or a moment to lose.

CTI is committed to making a measurable difference in the lives of patients with cancer.

Thank you for recognizing our accomplishments. And, congrat-ulations to the IMF for providing research support and education to myeloma patients for the past 11 years.

We are privileged to be assoc-iated with such a dedicated organization.”

James A. Bianco, MD
Ribbon of Hope Award

Ribbon of Hope recipient
James Bianco with myeloma
survivor Andre Boyce

Juilan Adams

“We are committed to oncology research and to providing cancer patients with much-needed treatment options as they fight multiple myeloma and other challenging malignancies.”

Julian Adams, PhD
Ribbon of Hope Award

“One of the reasons I left medical practice to join the biopharm-aceutical industry was to work with promising new drug candidates and to bring them to patients with serious diseases quickly and safely. The encouragement, recognition and support provided by organizations like the IMF reinforces that commitment. Thank you.”

Michael Kauffman, MD, PhD
Ribbon of Hope Award

Michael Kauffman

Sheila Field addresses
the Gala guests

“Like many of my fellow myeloma patients, I have another life.

It is not quite so glamorous as this evening.

In my other life, I play a lab rat. Medical treatments, and particularly those used for cancer, must be tested in humans.

There are potential risks and side effects. Some in our audience, like myself, are the clinical trial patients who are currently taking these risks because the rewards are the breakthroughs that offer life saving treatments for thousands of people.”

Sheila Field
Dinner Co-Chair

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