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October 2003 Volume 5, Issue 8:

IMF Patient & Family Seminar

Thank you for the outstanding work you do towards making the lives of all us who have MM better. Once again, you did a remarkable job of putting on a Patient & Family seminar in Atlanta. As much as I get out of those, it's my wife, Sheila, who benefits the most. You session "caregivers need care too" is what she attends those seminars for.

Greg Robinson

IMF Hotline

The International Myeloma Foundation is a thoughtful and necessary support group for patients with multiple myeloma. The IMF was there when I needed information on the disease, and continues to provide me useful support, every step of the way. Yesterday, I called the IMF Hotline and asked for a referral to a hospital and doctor in the San Francisco area, as our family will be moving to the East Bay. Nancy Baxter handled my inquiry and gave me some contact information, but then said she wanted to research this further. Nancy took the initiative to contact Dr. Brian Durie for his suggestions, and called back to give me additional contacts. I am so appreciative to Nancy and your organization for being there. Thank you all.

Steve Igo

Support Group Leaders Conference Call

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a informative and helpful teleconference. Dr. Durie was excellent and it was exciting to hear about the latest research and advances. I can't wait to share the information with my support group.

Sue Sumpter RN, MS

Thanks so much for hosting this call which provided us all with up to the minute information. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you all devote to keeping us informed. I shared the information with our support group that met the same night and we had a great discussion. Thanks to all who made the call possible.

Vicki Anderson

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