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February 2002 Volume 4, Issue 9:
Myeloma Top Ten
What did the experts find most promising in myeloma research for 2001?
The IMF polled the members of its Scientific Advisory Board about what they considered to be the "Top 10" steps forward in the field of myeloma. Although the rankings varied between Advisors and not all gave 10 items, the same answers came from around the globe:

1. PS 341?promising activity as new treatment for myeloma.

2. Mini-Allo transplantation?shows early benefit although complications still high.

Better understanding of bone disease mechanisms accounted for the next three items:

3,4,5. MIP-1a, OPG (Osteoprotegrin), and Rank.Fc identified as important mediators of myeloma bone disease and new targets for treatment.

6. Progress with IMiD trials?CC5013 (thalidomide analog).

7. The use of genomics and proteinomics to classify myeloma and understand growth pathways.

8. Increased myeloma awareness?Geraldine Ferraro's diagnosis is top news story.

9. Anti-angiogenesis as a possible treatment approach for myeloma?however direct anti-VEGF results disappointing thus far.

10. Double Auto Transplant still shows no clear benefit vs. Single Auto Transplant. Even role of Single Auto Transplant becoming more controversial (ASH 2001).

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