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Help the IMF Help You

The IMF has always been about people helping people, families helping families. Our financial support has always come from people like you ? people who understand the importance of myeloma research and educational programs. We continue to need and rely on your support. However, we now need to raise significantly more funds to achieve our objectives... and you can help!

Giving USA 2001 reported that in 2000, corporations gave $10.86 billion to charitable causes. Studies indicate that these corporations give to organizations that they know or with whom they have a ?connection.? And we know that many of our IMF members have unique relationships to businesses around the world. In fact, you or someone you know most probably has a connection that can provide the IMF with just the right entrée to a corporation and enable us to become a corporate partner.

If you know a key individual within a corporation, or if you have a link to someone in a corporation, please call Pam Jones of Corporate Development at (800) 452-2873 or email her at pjones@myeloma.org. With your help, we will obtain the corporate partnerships we need to dramatically enhance funding for myeloma research and education to a level never seen before!

We appreciate your assistance with this important initiative, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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