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August 2001 Volume 4, Issue 6:
IMF Establishes Quality of Care Award
By Susie Novis
Regina Swift, the first recipient of the IMF Quality of Care Award, is congratulated by Dr. Brian Durie, Susie Novis and Dr. James Berenson.

In the February issue of Myeloma Today, we began our series entitled "Women in Myeloma," spotlighting women who make a difference. There is one group of women who truly fit this category ? nurses. (I recognize that not all nurses are women).

All too often they go unrecognized, working long hours, often in less than optimal conditions, and I would venture a guess that most are underpaid. But for those of us who are either caregivers or patients, we know what a difference they can make in our lives. When we?re scared and our brains are on overload, they help synthesize complex and vital information into a language we can understand. They act as the liaison between us and the doctor or the hospital administrator or even our family members. They become our friends and our confidants. They are our heroes.

I remember vividly the very special nurses who took care of Brian Novis and me. They were angels of mercy, showing us great kindness and compassion. It?s not an exaggeration to say I don?t know what we would have done without them. I know that many of you have had a similar experience and like me wish there was some way to show your appreciation. There is now.

The IMF is proud to announce that we have established a "Quality in Care" Award and the first recipient of this award is Regina Swift who works with Dr. Jim Berenson at Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles, CA. Regina has been caring for myeloma patients for many years, and it was an honor to present her with this award at the recent IMF Los Angeles Community Workshop. The room was filled with many patients and family members who had experienced the quality of Regina?s care firsthand. When Dr. Jim Berenson made the presentation, the recipient of our first Quality of Care award, the room fell silent and then erupted with spontaneous cheers and applause as everyone rose to their feet for a standing ovation. It was a wonderful and emotional moment for Regina and the attendees.

If you would like to nominate a nurse for a future "Quality in Care" Award, please contact the IMF.

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