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August 2000 Volume 3, Issue 10:
Emory Joins The Fight Against Multiple Myeloma
(l-r) Dr. Kenneth Smith, Dr. Jonathan Simons, Dr. Bob Rich, Charles and Jan Briscoe, Dr. Tom Heffner, Dr. Michael M.E. Johns, and Dr Tom Lawley, gather for the formation of the Emory Multiple Myeloma Research Fund.

IMF Board of Directors member Charles L. Briscoe is turning his business acumen and energy toward solving the mystery of multiple myeloma with yet another approach. Through a gift to Emory School of Medicine, Charles and his wife Jan have initiated the formation of the Emory Multiple Myeloma Research Fund at the Winship Cancer Institute. The Fund will work to expand and raise the level of research concerning the treatment, causes and cure of myeloma.

?Through new research initiatives into the biology and treatment of multiple myeloma, we hope to make a major medical impact in the ultimate cure of this disease,? said Dr. Tom Heffner, Associate Professor of Hematology-Oncology of the Emory Winship Cancer Institute, who will serve as initial administrator of the Fund. ?We anticipate that this funding will keep Emory on the road to becoming a world leader in myeloma research and treatment that will be a resource for the Southeast regional myeloma patient community.?

Charles Briscoe was diagnosed with myeloma in 1997 and travelled the country seeking the best treatment available. ?I found only a few multiple myeloma physician experts and myeloma treatment centers, none located in the Southeast. I realized that our region did not provide the expert level of care so desperately needed by multiple myeloma patients so I?ve set out to change that,? says Briscoe

Working in partnership with Emory, the IMF, and a comittee made up of other myeloma patients, Briscoe has formed the Emory Multiple Myeloma Research Fund. The mission of the Fund is to accelerate financial contributions to support world class research toward finding a cure for myeloma at Emory Unversity?s Winship Cancer Institute. ?We are committed to working toward seeing that the local myeloma patient has access to the most current cutting-edge treatment care available. Also, that we have the most promising research trials available right here in Atlanta,? added Briscoe.

An active member of the Atlanta Area Multiple Myeloma Support Group, Charles Briscoe is making it a personal challenge to raise awareness of myeloma. He looks at it from a pragmatic businessman?s perspective: ?It?s up to the myeloma community and us patients to work toward finding a common ground/level playing field with other cancer research and treatments. We must meet this challenge head on, working together for all our futures. The disease is far greater than one person?s challenge. My vision is for Emory to become a regional Myeloma Center of Excellence. It?s up to the multiple myeloma patient community to make this happen.?

The IMF is excited to collaborate with the Emory School of Medicine. We commend Charles and Jan Briscoe for their initiative.

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