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August 2000 Volume 3, Issue 10:
IMF Welcomes New Annual Event
More than 400 participants signed on to participate in a "Lift-A-Thon"
James "Pat" Cassidy learned of his multiple myeloma diagnosis on his birthday, May 22, 1996. The disease smoldered until 1999, then became active. To combat his feelings of helplessness, Pat Cassidy decided to take action and try and raise funds for a cure. His family and friends rallied behind him. So did the staff of the Buffalo Grove High School where Pat, a Clinical Social Worker, has worked for 26 years.

The idea of a Lift-a-Thon occured to Pat while lifting weights along with a group of BGHS students. With the help of students, faculty, family, and community, more than 400 participants signed on to participate in the co-ed event. Students formed teams and secured pledges for the pounds they would lift. The staff, friends and family also secured pledges and lifted weights. Lifters were sponsored on a $/pound basis. Some gave donations based on what they wished they could lift. All those who participated had a grand time and the Lift-a-Thon was a geat success!

At the St. Louis IMF Patient & Family Seminar, Pat and his wife, Judith, presented IMF President Susie Novis with a check for $10,000 to fund multiple myeloma research. Our thanks to the Cassidy Family and the Buffalo Grove, Illinois, community for "pumping up" the efforts of the IMF in our common battle against myeloma. We also thank them for their commitment to continue their support of myeloma research through an annual event!

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