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February 2001 Volume 4, Issue 3:
Dear Reader - February 2001
By Susie Novis
A message from IMF President Susie Novis

Dear Reader,

When the IMF was founded in 1990 there were few people actively working in the field of myeloma. Since then the number of myeloma researchers and clinicians has grown dramatically: there were about 40 attendees at the first International Myeloma Workshop held in the early 1980s, there will be over 1,000 attendees at the VIIIth International Myeloma Workshop that will be held May 2001.

This increase is very exciting and I find one facet of the increase inspiring - the number of women now working in the field of myeloma who are making a significant impact. 

Throughout this year Myeloma Today will recognize some of the women who have helped make a difference. You’ll read about researchers and clinicians as well as caregivers and patients – women doing their part to improve the quality of life of myeloma patients while working toward prevention and a cure. 

The IMF now has four women on its Scientific Advisory Board and we recently welcomed Dr. Edith Mitchell to our Board of Directors. Dr. Mitchell is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. She has won many awards, most recently the State Air Surgeon from the Missouri Air National Guard. Reaching out to help others, Dr. Mitchell embodies the spirit of the IMF.

Our "Women in Myeloma" series begins with a profile of IMF Scientific Advisors Drs. Angelina Rodreguez-Morales and Amara Noel of Venezuela. We hope their stories will inspire you to join them in making a world of 

Susie Novis

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