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April 2001 Volume 4, Issue 4:
The Blood Cancer Community Needs Your Help

Participate In The Joint Advocacy Day For Blood Cancers To Be Held In Washington, DC In June, 2001

The blood cancer community has come together to present a unified message to Congress, the media, and the public around barriers and opportunities for hematologic cancer research, and to increase policy makers? awareness of hematologic cancers. Organizations participating in this joint advocacy day include:

  • American Society Of Hematology
  • Candlelighters
  • Cure for Lymphoma Foundation
  • Goldman Philanthropic Partnerships
  • International Myeloma Foundation
  • International Waldenstrom's Macrogrobulinemia
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Lymphoma Foundation of America
  • Lymphoma Research Foundation of America
  • McCarty Cancer Foundation
  • Moving Forward Foundation
  • Multiple Myeloma Foundation
  • Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
  • National Childhood Cancer Foundation
  • The Children's Cause

With the change in the presidential administration and the NCI?s upcoming release of the Lymphoma Leukemia and Myeloma Progress Review Group (LLMPRG) findings, now is a great time to plan such a collaborative and public event on Capitol Hill. It is anticipated that activities at the event will include a Congressional hearing, an educational session that highlights the politics and health care priorities of the 107th Congress, advocacy training, and visits with key Congressional committees and members of the legislature.

By actively participating as an advocate at the joint advocacy event, you will be raising national awareness about multiple myeloma and all myeloma and blood cancer organizations. You will be helping to influence policy makers to put government resources toward improved treatments and finding a cure for multiple myeloma and other hematological cancers. Your passion, experience and personal testimony will help make the event a great success.

Contact the IMF for further information.

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