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April 2001 Volume 4, Issue 4:
Olympic Spirit

Help bring the spirit of the myeloma community to the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics by nominating your favorite IMFer to be an Olympic Torchbearer. This is our chance to represent multiple myeloma to the entire world! Chevrolet is sponsoring the Olympic Torch Relay and invite you to nominate a person who you think deserves the honor of carrying the Olympic Flame. Entrants may not nominate themselves. 

Selected nominees will have the opportunity to carry the Olympic Torch for up to 2/10th of a mile of the Official Olympic Torch Relay. Nominations can be made online at www.chevrolet.com/olympics/otr/form.htm by 2:59AM (ET) on April 30, 2001 or sent via US mail by 4/30/01. When submitting a nomination, you are asked to provide an original 50-100 word (1,000 characters max.) nomination statement describing how the person you are nominating has achieved one or more of the following: the inspiration of others to achieve worthwhile goals; exemplary service to the community; the embodiment of the spirit of achievement through sports, friendship, compassion and/or motivating others to confront and overcome adversity. A series of random drawings from all qualified nominations received will determine five finalists for each of the available Torchbearer awards so the more nominations we submit, the better our chances to be represented. The five finalists for each segment will then be judged based on appropriateness of statement to theme, extraordinary quality of accomplishments as evidenced in statement and sincerity of statement.

IMF members in Virginia have already joined together to nominate Dr. Phillip Greipp of the Mayo Clinic in honor of the outstanding care they have received and the personal friendship that has developed in the process. Upon learning of his nomination, Dr. Greipp offered the following response:

“I am humbled and honored by being nominated by you to carry the Olympic torch... I rowed in the trials and was a member of the club that won gold in 1964... But those days are gone. I hope I transferred some of that desire to the care of my patients and beating the odds for as many of them as possible. If I get to carry the torch, it won't be for me but for all my wonderful patients, especially the ones in Northern Virginia! Even if I do not carry the Olympic torch, this honor you gave me by simply nominating me will keep my own torch burning brighter for a long time.”

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