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David Roodman, MD

G. David Roodman, MD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA

IMF Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. David Roodman is a Visiting Professor of Medicine and Vice Chair for Research at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

He obtained his Pre-Med AB from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, his MD and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Kentucky, and was a Fellow in Hematology at the University of Minnesota.

He has over 140 publications in scientific journals and has co-authored almost 50 book chapters and reviews. His research includes studies of the effects of tumors on the skeleton – myeloma and osteolytic bone lesions. The major goals of this project are to examine the interaction of myeloma cells with marrow stromal cells using animal models and identify the unique factors that result from this interaction that induce bone destruction.

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