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Brian G.M. Durie, MD


hello dr. durie.
during your visit to china you had commented that china has the most myeloma patients. do you mean per capta ? or just in numbers as there a billion people in china and consequently there would be many MM patients ,is this the case?
i have traveled for work to asian countries since 1970 several times a year and spent 4 - 5 weeks each time, between , H.K, CHINA , TAIWAN , PHILIPPINES, SINGAPORE, THAILAND , INDONESIA , SOUTH KOREA ,INDIA , PAKISTAN , AND BANGLADSH , all these countries where i stayed and worked anywhere 3-5 days in garment sewing factories this untill iN 2001 when i had a routine blood test and my IGA protein started to rise , i am under treatment now and a patient of Dr. Barlogie , my question is that if your statement of china having many MM patients , does this mean that i contacted a form of toxic poisioning during my travels? i was not in any way exposed to toxic elements visualy at any time.
how would you view my situation and why do so many chinese are infected in MM? were they exposed to toxicity? thank you for your reply.

I was diagnosed with MM 3/09. Chromazone 13 and half of 14 are missing. 60% of cells were abnormal. I worked with alternative thereapies including Japanese Mushrooms. I did 1/3 the reccommended treatment and continued with the alternatives to keep my immune system strong. I was never sick, had dinner after chemo. Since then, I haven't been sick with a cold or flu...no signs of MM.

My kidneys were compromised partly because of diabetes, MM, and the treatments. I keep the creatine down to 1.6 with herbs, hematacrit normal with Co Enyme 10, lowered my BUN from 58 to 34 with Vita Coco water.

When you run a marathon, they give you sports vitamins. When you are pregnant they give you prenatal vitamins. It is only logical to keep the immune system strong when it is under attack from cancer and chemo. Most common treatments in US kill everything. When will the AMA study the alternative methodologies in Japan, and make some simple recommendations to those who suffer and die from the treatments/disease?

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