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Igor Sill

Igor M. Sill is Managing Director of Geneva Venture Management and Geneva Venture Partners (funds I&II), a San Francisco-based venture capital firm. Igor also serves as Chairman of GenevaGroup International, an advisory and consulting services firm he founded in 1984 that focuses on the high tech market. Prior to forming GenevaGroup, Igor served as Vice President for Visual Engineering, a 3D graphics software company; founding management team member of Ingres, and Director, Sales and Support for MicroPro International during its successful growth to an IPO. Prior to entering the software industry, Igor Sill served as General Manager, EIS and managed the internal merger and integration of EXXON Enterprises' three high technology divisions; Qwip, QYX and VYDEC in San Francisco.

Igor graduated from Oxford University with his MBA, and is a Merton College fellow. He attended the University of California, Berkeley in 1975, as well as Stanford University's Graduate School of Business SEP program, 1984, Advanced Management College, 1981 and Strategic Marketing Management, 1983. He concluded the Microprocessor Design and Programming Certification Program at DeAnza College, 1980, completed The Venture Capital Institute's certification program in 1996, The Harvard Graduate School of Business' Venture Capital Program in 1997 and Stanford University School of Law's Directors College, 1998. He is a member of Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA) and The Royal Economics Society.

He is or has been a Board of Directors member at Encirq, Callixa, Karna, BuzMe, Schuchart Software and a Board Advisor at Salesforce.com, High Technology Business, Red Herring Communications, BlinkLogic, 7 Capital.

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