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IMF 2003 Research Grant Awards
Chao-Lan Yu - Junior Grant - $40,000
Vanderbilt University.
"Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling (SOCS): Its Regulation and Potential Implication as a Therapeutic Agent in Multiple Myeloma"

Kewal Asosingh - Junior Grant - $40,000
Brussels Free University
"Tumor-host interactions during multiple myeloma disease progression; functional roles of CD45 subsets"

Lee-ann Garrett-Sinah - Junior Grant - $40,000
State University New York Buffalo
"Identification of the Role of Ets-1 in Regulating Plasma Cell Numbers"

Sun J. Choi - Junior Grant - $40,000
University of Pittsburgh
"Effects of Abnormal Expression of AML-1 Transcription Factors on Myeloma Bone Disease"

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