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Not much has been said about nutrition, especially after a transplant, to boost the immune system. Maybe I missed the information, but most of us don't know how to rebuild our immune system after intense chemo. I have spoken to members of our support group in Michigan, and no one really knows what types of food help and which ones to avoid.
Input would be much appreciated!

Hi Anna,

You are absolutely correct that there is a lack of good information on the relationship between nutrition and the immune system, and how that relationship affects an immune system cancer--myeloma. The study of nutrition and the immune system is really still in its infancy, and there aren't articles in the medical literature to which we can turn. We were fortunate enough to find a very bright and able young naturopath in Portland, OR, who works for Providence Hospital's Integrative Medicine Clinic. His father is a hematologist/oncologist, and his approach is to base all of his recommendations on nutrition on published data. Here is a link to a teleconference on nutrition he did for the IMF that is archived on our web site:

I hope you'll find this helpful. Please don't hesitate to call the IMF Hotline if we can help further.

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