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The International Myeloma Foundation : Study Says Long-Term Maintenance Treatment Demonstrates 90% Overall Survival Rate


increased survival for mm patients on long term revlimid maintainance is cheering news for me and other mm patients. I pray and hope to share the benefits of revlimid maintainance therapy while keeping an eye on second primary malignancies.

Hi everyone with MM,

I have a very aggressive form of MM. I felt like I was doomed and would be probably dead or nearly so at this present time. I got put on a trial of lenalidomide and dex for 4 months, then a transplant then lenalidomide 10 mg only maintenance. The original prof. gave me 6 months post transplant if I was lucky. Here I am 16 months post transplant and my paraprotein level has remained at 1 all this time. I am so lucky and happy and live an active, healthy full life. This heartens me to hear good longterm survival with lenalidomide. I try to do everything else too such as remain slim, eat vegs and seafood only, take supplements scientifically proven to be active and do a bit of exercise. Hope I am lucky like some others. I have no side effects with the drug. Good luck to anyone else taking or considering lenalidomide, I recommend it.

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