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What is Smoldering Myeloma?
Dr. Ola Landgren
National Cancer Institute
Bethesda, Maryland


This article on smoldering myeloma is exactly what I have. I was dx 6/2002 stage 3a, transplant 3/2003 and was told i had early stage relapse 8/2012. I was put on RVD in 11/2012 and 12/2012 my M spike went down to zero. Kaiser had me go to Sranford for a 2nd transplant consultation. It was at this time I realized I could hold off on the 2nd transplant. Now as of 7/2012 my Oncologist says I have SMM. It doesn't make sense. Question? Did I have SMM since 2003 or does this subject to need more studing ,Roy

Is this genetic? Once a family member has been diagnosed, should other family members have their blood tested for this also?

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