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iss gives you a clear picture at what risk level your disease is , which helps you to identify the seriousness of the situation .
what options you have further for treatment is quite clear which helps to take steps forward for further treatment without any delay and further measures for the right cure.

Why are so many physicians resistant to treating smoldering myeloma?

Good question! The reason is very simple - at this time there is no clinical evidence to support treating smoldering myeloma. That said, your question is probably best answered in detail, by directing you to Dr. Ola Landgren's article entitled "What is Smoldering Myeloma" which is part of the information included in Step 1 of the IMF's 10 STEPS TO BETTER CARE�.
Here is the link: http://myeloma.org/ArticlePage.action?tabId=1&menuId=334&articleId=3646&aTab=-1

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