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Spring 2008 Volume 7, Issue 6:
Myeloma Today Spring 2008 in PDF
Articles include:

* A Conversation with IMF Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Alan Solomon
* Europe Update: Frontline Myeloma Therapy with Dr. Jesus San Miguel
* Curcumin in Multiple Myeloma with Dr. Bharat Aggarwal
* Clinical Trials Update with Dr. Keith Stewart

Articles include:
  • Dear Reader
  • Board of Directors: Myeloma Today in conversation with Mark DiCicilia
  • Scientific Advisory Board: Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Alan Solomon
  • News & Notes
  • Scientific & Clinical: Europe Update: Frontline Myeloma Therapy; Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Jesus San Miguel
  • Scientific & Clinical: Clinical Trials Update; Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Keith Stewart
  • Scientific & Clinical: Bank On A Cure® Research Initiative Update; Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Brian Durie
  • Scientific & Clinical: Curcumin in Multiple Myeloma; Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Bharat Aggarwal
  • Special Event: Prof. Mario Boccadoro Receives the Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Supportive Care: IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions: "My doctor has just prescribed Revlimid® (lenalidomide) and
    dexamethasone, and I’ve read that blood clots can be caused by this regimen. What can I do to guard against this?"
  • Nurse Leadership Board: Report from 2008 NLB Meeting
  • Education and Awareness: Spotlight on Advocacy; President Bush Includes Slight Increase for Cancer Research Funding
  • Education and Awareness: Cancer Awareness Day, First St. Louis Regional Community Workshop a Great Success!, BlueVoice.org Conducting Toxins Testing Program
  • Education and Awareness: Did You Know?
  • International Affliates: Updates from Japan and Latin America
  • Support Group Profiles:
    • East Texas Myeloma Support Group
    • Tampa/St. Petersburg Myeloma Support Group
  • Patient and Caregiver Experience: Christine McClay - My Many Miracles
  • Member Events: IMFers Raise Funds to Benefit Myeloma Community
    • Jammin’ For A Cause
    • Mailing For A Cure
  • Investing in the Future: Myeloma Today in conversation with David Brown
  • Planned Giving
  • Cell Phones For A Cure
  • 2008 IMF Calendar of Events
  • Letters to the IMF

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