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FreeLite Test Measures Free Lambda And Kappa Light Chains In The Blood
This new test from The Binding Site measures free Lambda and Kappa light chains in the blood. The test is particularly useful for patients with non-secretory myeloma and is also being considered as a potential replacement for the 24 hour urine test


I was diagnose with MM in late March. I have received 6 rounds of chemo and then saw two renown specialist in the LA area. They both were very through and wrote suggestions down for my treating doctor here in Bakersfield. Both the doctors agreed that my labs were continually improving, but one was concerned about my Lamda Light Chain score of 2,700, which he thought was an exceddingly high range. He recommeded that they monitor my Lamba Light Chain range every 4 weeks by taking a specific blood test to monitor it. I am currently in maintenance and go to chemo two times every month now. My concern, is this enough considering my range is so high? How concerned should I be with my range being so exceeding higher than normal? I'm looking forward to any questions or ideas you might have.


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