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IMF Multiple Myeloma Patient Handbook 2012/2013

Basic information for myeloma patients and caregivers. A good starting point in your search for information.





You can view the entire document as a PDF (click on the PDF tab above) or request a free hard copy from the Foundation.




For a video explanation of multiple myeloma, watch What is Multiple Myeloma? with Dr. Morrie Gertz of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

Multiple myeloma is an unusual and complex disease. The diagnosis is often not clear-cut and the treatment recommendations can vary from doctor to doctor. None of this is too reassuring for a newly-diagnosed patient. However, with appropriate testing and review:

  • A clear diagnosis can be established.
  • Patients without symptoms can be monitored without aggressive intervention.
  • Patients with active or symptomatic myeloma can proceed with therapy, which has a high likelihood of controlling the disease for several years.
  • New therapies can be considered, which may offer the opportunity for longer disease control or even a cure.
  • Procedures to closely monitor the disease can be put in place. They reduce the chances of unexpected problems.
  • Supportive care measures can substantially alleviate the physical and emotional impact of the disease and needed treatment.

The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is committed to helping with each of these steps. This handbook provides a basic understanding of myeloma sufficient to allow patients to make informed decisions about treatment choices. The handbook is supplemental to the information given by the doctor. Caregivers, family, and friends may also find the information useful.




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