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Summer 2007 Volume 7, Issue 3:
Myeloma Today Summer 2007 in PDF format
Articles include:
  • Mapatumumab: A New Cancer Therapy in Development, with Dr. Asher A. Chanan-Khan
  • US Myeloma Forum, with Michael S. Katz
  • Thromboembolic Events, with Deborah Doss, RN, OCN

Articles include:
  • Dear Reader
  • Scientific & Clinical: HOVON: The Dutch-Belgian Hemato-Oncology Group - MT in conversation with Prof. Pieter Sonneveld
  • Scientific & Clinical: Updates from Recent Scientific & Clinical Conferences - MT in conversation with Dr. Brian G.M. Durie
  • Scientific & Clinical: Mapatumumab: A New Cancer Therapy in Development - MT in conversation with Dr. Asher A. Chanan-Khan
  • Scientific & Clinical: US Myeloma Forum - MT in conversation with Michael S. Katz
  • Nurse Leadership Board: NLB Activities Update by Joseph D. Tariman, RN, MN, ARNP-BC, OCN
  • Education & Awareness: 8th Annual IMF Support Group Leaders Retreat by Jack Aiello
  • Education & Awareness: IMF Myeloma Mobile; The Tuohy Family is Coming to a City Near You
  • Spotlight on Advocacy: President Bush's 2008 Budget Includes Cuts in Cancer Programs by Christine Murphy, MA
  • International Affiliates: Updates from IMF Europe
  • Supportive Care: Thromboembolic Events - MT in conversation with Deborah Doss, RN, OCN
  • Support Groups: Minnesota: Twin Cities Area
  • Support Groups: California: Inland Valley
  • Patient & Caregiver Experience: One Mile at a Time by Clyde Corales
  • Investing in the Future: MT in conversation with Carol Klein and Nancy Moses
  • Member Events: IMFers Raise Funds to Benefit Myeloma Community
    • Friends of Richie
    • Music Against Myeloma
    • "JC" Golf Tournament
    • Dr. Scott Lewis' Outrageous Comedy Hypnosis Show
    • Gabriel Birger's Bar Mitzvah
    • Myeloma Research Run/Walk for Joseph Prosper
    • Dan Molner's run in the Meijer Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon
    • Jim Wilson's run in the Bayshore Marathon
    • Help from Heaven 5K Walk
  • Meet the IMF: Meet the IMF Hotline Coordinators
  • Meet the IMF: Board of Directors Profile: E. Michael D. Scott
  • Special Announcement: Dr. Robert A. Kyle Receives David A Karnofsky Memorial Award at ASCO
  • News & Notes
  • Letters to the IMF

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