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Spring 2012 Volume 9, Issue 1:
Myeloma Today Spring 2012
Articles include:
  • Relapsed Multiple Myeloma After Therapy with IMiDs and Bortezomib
  • Survivorship Care Plan: Renal Complications in MM and Related Disorders
  • Updates from Asia

Articles include:

  • Dear Reader: Today myeloma awareness is not just a nicety, it's a crucial necessity.
  • Scientific & Clinical: "Best of ASH 2011 Recap: What Patients Need to Know" by Dr. Brian Durie
  • Scientific & Clinical: "2012 IMF Research Grants" by Dr. Robert Kyle
  • Scientific & Clinical: "Relapsed Multiple Myeloma After Therapy with IMiDs and Bortezomib" - Myeloma Today in Conversation with Dr. Shaji Kumar
  • Supportive Care: IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions - My doctor has talked to me about Velcade infusions as part of my myeloma therapy. I have read that the drug is now approved for subcutaneous administration. How does this compare to receiving Velcade intravenously?
  • News & Notes:
    • IMF Welcomes New Members to Its Board of Directors
      • Prof. Dr. Mario Boccadoro
      • Andy Kuzneski, III
      • Prof. Dr. Heinz Ludwig
    • Get Your Myeloma Today Online.
    • IMF Staff Updates
      • Aimee Martin, Grassroots Liaison
      • Chelsea Proctor, Executive Assistant
    • The IMF has a social community
    • Help the IMF learn more abouot MM patients
    • Share Your Thoughts
  • Nurse Leadership Board: Survivorship Care Plan - Renal Complications in Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders
  • Education and Awareness: Spotlight on Advocacy
    • New jersey becomes 15th state to pass oral chemotherapy access bill
    • IMF's support group leader makes huge impact at press conference in Delaware
    • Capitol Hill Bulletin
    • The IMF Advocacy Voice: Get Fired Up! Raise Your Voice! Get Out There and Take Action!
    • How to contact the IMF Advocacy Team
  • Education and Awareness: "2012 Boca Raton IMF Patient & Family Seminar" by Tom Callaghan
  • International Affiliates: Updates from Asia
    • Training Doctors from China
    • IMF's Asian Myeloma Network Meets at ASH
    • Landmark Agreement signed in Shenzhen, China
    • Second Singapore National Patient Forum
  • Member Events: IMFers Raise Funds to Benefit Myeloma Community
    • Fundraisers are supporting research through the Brian D. Novis Research Grant Program
    • Jack Aiello's Poker Bash
    • Matt Jacob's Letter Campaign
    • Upcoming Member Events
  • Investing in the Future
    • Myeloma 200 - Closer to a Cure
  • 2012 IMF Calendar of Events
  • Letters to the IMF

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