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Winter 2010 Volume 8, Issue 5:
Myeloma Today Winter 2010
Articles include:

* Dr. Cristina Gasparetto talks about the current role of transplantation in myeloma
* The Hotline answers the question, "Does vitamin D deficiency play a role in myeloma?"
* Greg Pacini, a licensed counselor, talks about the difference between stress and stressors, suffering and pain, and the nature of discomfort.
* Robert Reeves biked 150 miles for charity a year following his diagnosis at 72!

Articles include:

  • Dear Reader: The International Myeloma Foundation, the first myeloma organization in the world, was founded 20 years ago with the firm belief that no one should ever have to face multiple myeloma alone. As we mark our 20th anniversary, we celebrate the many achievements in the myeloma community but remain committed to the work that remains to be done to put the end to this disease.
  • Scientific & Clinical: The Current Role of Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma: Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Cristina Gasparetto
  • Scientific & Clinical: Bone Disease in Multiple Myeloma: Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Matthew T. Drake
  • Scientific & Clinical: Clinical Trials in Multiple Myeloma: Myeloma Today in conversation with Dr. Joseph Mikhael
  • Nurse Leadership Board: Report from NLB VI, the sixth meeting of the full membership of the Nurse Leadership Board, and the fourth anniversary of the Board's inaugural meeting in November 2006.
  • Supportive Care: Hope, Stress, Myeloma and the Holidays: Myeloma Today in conversation with Greg Pacini, MS, LPC, CGP
  • Supportive Care: IMF Hotline Coordinators Answer Your Questions: "I have read several articles about vitamin D supplementation. As a multiple myeloma patient, I am curious if vitamin D deficiency plays a role in
  • International Affiliates: Updates from Around the Globe
    • Myeloma Initiatives in Japan
    • IMF-Japan annual seminar in Toyama
    • IMF co-sponsored activities in Germany
  • Education and Awareness: Spotlight on Advocacy
    • Wrap up of IMF advocacy priorities
    • September designated as Blood Cancer Awareness Month
    • President signs Improving Access to Clinical Trials Act
    • Health insurance reform signed into law
    • The IMF honored in the congressional record
    • Final FY 2011 cancer funding on hold until after 2010 elections
    • Introducing the all NEW A.C.E. training program!
  • Patient & Caregiver Experience: "A Wonderful Success Story...8 Years and Counting" by Robert Reeves
  • Member Events: IMFers Raise Funds to Benefit Myeloma Community
    • A Celebration of Life at Kasbah
    • Afternoon Tea
    • Casual Week at Blue Shield
    • Casual Day in LA
    • Upcoming Member Events
    • Cell Phones for a Cure
  • Support Groups: People Helping People
    • The Delaware & Neighboring Maryland Multiple Myeloma Support & Networking Group
  • Letters to the IMF
  • News and Notes

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