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Winter 2002/2003 Volume 5, Issue 4:
News & Notes
Justine V. Springberg, Olivia Springberg (age 2), and Mark Unatin

Raffle Raises Funds for Research

The IMF received a boost with fundraising this fall from The Mark Unatin Raffle for Research: Finding a Cure for Myeloma. Participants from 10 states contributed close to $22,000 to this event in honor of first-time fundraiser Justine Springberg's father, Mark Unatin of Pittsburgh, PA. Twenty-four prizes were awarded to lucky ticket holders at an event outside of Washington, D.C. The coveted grand prize was a spa package at a resort in Pennsylvania.

Watching her dad derive strength from the kindness and support of friends and family motivated Justine to spearhead the event. Donors were touched and inspired by the spirit and energy of the gathering and were thankful that they were given a chance to help a friend in need. Justine reports that several participants have offered their assistance in expanding the raffle next year.

Mark was diagnosed with multiple myeloma last fall and has recently achieved a remission following an autologous stem cell transplant. He is extremely excited about the success of the fundraiser and, of course, very proud of his daughter.

Our Phones are Ringing

It has been almost a year since the IMF expanded its Hotline coverage with the addition of NCI-trained cancer information specialists Nancy Baxter and Debbie Birns. As a result, our phonelines have never been busier! Many thanks to all who have made donations allocated to supporting this invaluable resource for patients and their families.

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