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January 31, 2002: IMF Myeloma Minute
Myeloma in the News:

Thursday January 31, 3:03 pm Eastern Time
US FDA panel backs wider use for Novartis' Zometa

Millennium Initiates Combination Oncology Trials of MLN341 with Taxotere®

News You Can Use:

PS-341: An Emerging Role in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma
By Paul G. Richardson, M.D. and Sundar Jagannath, M.D.
PS-341 (also known as LDP-341) is a new drug that is currently being assessed in clinical trials of various solid tumor types and hematologic malignancies.

MGUS and Peripheral Neuropathy
By Robert A. Kyle, M.D.
Monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) is characterized by the presence of an M (monoclonal) protein in persons without evidence of multiple myeloma, macroglobulinemia, amyloidosis or other related disorders.

Both of these articles have previously appeared in an issue of Myeloma Today, the official newsletter of the IMF. Published six-times-per-year, Myeloma Today is available free-of-charge, by subscription, and is an excellent way to stay abreast of the latest developments in the treatment and management of multiple myeloma. Knowledge is power! The more you know, the easier it will be to make educated treatment choices. Both electronic and print subscriptions are available. Why wait? Sign up today!

Items of Interest:

IWMF to Host Educational Forum for Waldenstrom's Patients
The International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation will host an educational meeting for Waldenstrom's patients, April 12-14th in Las Vegas, NV. For more information, please call the IWMF at (941) 927-4963.

Free Flights for Cancer Patients
The Corporate Angel Network helps fly cancer patients to and from approved treatment centers. The Corporate Angel Network works with more than 500 major corporations, matching corporate jet schedules with those of patients in need of air transportation. Certain restrictions apply. For more information, please call (914) 328-1313.

Cancer Survivors Sought for Video Documentary
Cancervive, a national nonprofit organization, is beginning production on a documentary video that will profile the lives of cancer survivors (all types of cancer) who have transcended their experience to help others. They are looking for survivors (of all ages and ethnicities) with especially compelling stories of helping other patients or survivors get through the cancer experience. They are specifically looking for survivors "who are finished with treatment." Participants will be filmed in their own communities. If you or someone you know are interested in participating, please call Cancervive at (800) 4-TO-CURE.

IMF Bookshelf:

Living with Myeloma: Survivor Stories ($13.95)
This book was written by the members of the Los Angeles Area Multiple Myeloma Support Group. It contains the individual stories of 22 multiple myeloma patients and their journeys through diagnosis and treatment. Their stories are highly varied, as are their symptoms and treatments - but all are filled with hope and inspiration. Proceeds from the book benefit the IMF's Brian D. Novis Research Grant Program.

Cooking For A Cure ($14.00)
From appetizers and beverages to entrees and desserts, Cooking For A Cure has something for everyone. Cookbooks make great gifts! Order yours today - it's a great way to show your support of the multiple myeloma community.

Going for the Cure ($11.50)
This book has been a long time staple of the IMF's recommended reading list. Dr. Thompson was the first myeloma patient to receive an anti-body treated autologous bone marrow transplant. "In Dr. Thompson's chronicles, there are many valuable insights about life as a cancer patient intent on seeking the cure. Readers can gain a deeper understanding of the pain and the joy of confronting a catastrophic disease and coping with the mundane details of living through the therapeutic process." - Journal of the National Cancer Institute

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