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Congressman Brian Higgins Recognizes March as National Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month on House Floor

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26), a member of the House Cancer Caucus, spoke on the House Floor to recognize National Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month and to advocate for increased funding for medical research and passage of H.R. 1801, the Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act



As a young Myeloma patient and on behalf of all Myeloma patients, thank you!

Thanks Congressman Higgins for your support and bringing Multiple Myeloma Awareness to the house floor.

I am a multiple survivor of five years. It is a journey from treatment, stem cell, maintenance therapy, and now treatment again.

The cost of oral drugs are outstanding and add to the fight for my life.

Again I say, thanks.

Brenda, from Southfield MI

Thank you, Rep. Higgins, for being a champion for saving (the quality of) lives. Medical research has brought us novel agents and therapies in all cancers, and especially for the little known multiple myeloma, which can devastate lives. We are grateful for all those who sign on the HR 1801.

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