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March is Myeloma Awareness Month!




Spread the Word: March Is Myeloma Awareness Month!

Did you know that myeloma is the second most common blood cancer? Or that it affects an estimated 750,000 people worldwide?

Okay, you may know all about myeloma, but do your co-workers, friends or neighbors? Now’s your chance to clue them in. March is Myeloma Awareness Month and the IMF has created an array of ways for you to help expand the public’s knowledge about the disease.

From cool Myeloma Awareness Pins and Digital Myeloma Awareness Ribbons for your Facebook page to live chats with IMF Chairman and Co-founder Brian G.M. Durie, MD, we’re putting on a full-court press to help spread the word.

We kicked off Myeloma Awareness Month with a live stream of our signature Patient & Family Seminar in Boca Raton. If you missed it, we have archived it on the web for your viewing pleasure. Click here to attend the seminar from the comfort of your own home.

And here's a menu of action items this year to help fit with your particular style of outreach.

  • GET THE FACTS about myeloma and simply “Tell One Person” about the symptoms, such as bone pain, anemia, frequent infections and extreme fatigue.
    During Myeloma Awareness Month 2013, we are bringing back the successful "Tell One Person" campaign we began in 2012. "Tell One Person" is all about increasing awareness of multiple myeloma by having each patient, caregiver, or family member tell one person about myeloma who didn't already know about the disease. If we each Tell One Person, we can double awareness of the disease!

  • WEAR a Myeloma Awareness pin. They're great conversation starters. You can get one at your support group meeting, at a Patient & Family Seminar or Community Workshop. If there is not a myeloma support group in your area, contact Robin Tuohy for details on how the IMF can help!

  • VISIT the Binding Site to get a free March is Myeloma Awareness Month Magnetic Ribbon.

  • REACH MORE THAN ONE PERSON by putting up this Myeloma Awareness Month announcement in a public place, like your local oncologist's office or your cancer center, as well as your local grocery store, library, or pharmacy.

  • CHANGE YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE PICTURE to the Myeloma Ribbon for the month of March. You can download the ribbon here.

  • SUBMIT questions about myeloma for Dr. Durie to answer during his March Live Q & A and on Twitter. SEND QUESTIONS

  • LEARN Listen to “How to Prevent Infection in Myeloma Patients,” during one of the IMF’s signature, free teleconferences, featuring Senu Apewokin, MD, Asst. Prof. of Medicine at the University of Arkansas, that aired on March 7th. Listen now.
  • UNDERSTAND the provisions of health reform that impact Medicare patients in a special webinar entitled “Medicare and You: Navigating the Changing Health Insurance System,” presented by the IMF Advocacy team and a panel of Medicare and health reform experts on Thursday, March 21. REGISTER HERE.
  • TELL the world about the IMF and what we do:
    • Foster collaborative RESEARCH
    • Empower people through EDUCATION
    • Provide SUPPORT for patients and families
    • ADVOCATE for health care needs of the myeloma community. And if they want to know more...

  • SEND them to the IMF website, myeloma.org or tell them to call the IMF Hotline, 1-800-452-CURE.

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