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Webcast from the 2013 Boca Raton Patient & Family Seminar
Saturday, March 2, 2013
We kicked off Myeloma Awareness Month 2013 by live streaming our signature Patient & Family Seminar from Boca Raton, Florida!

During the broadcast, myeloma experts discussed and answered questions about clinical trials, new drugs, and what the future holds for myeloma patients. Panelists were IMF Chairman and Co-Founder Brian GM Durie, MD; Sagar Lonial, MD; Paul Richardson, MD; and Robert Kyle, MD.

These are recordings of the live streaming of the seminar. The live streaming began Saturday, March 2, at 8:00 am ET (5:00 am PT)—when IMF Co-Founder and President Susie Novis kicked off the event—and ended at 2:30 pm ET (11:30 am PT).

The webcast has been broken up into three segments. Click on the Multimedia Tab above to view them.

Part One

  • Welcome and Introduction with Susie Novis, President and Co-Founder of the IMF
  • Myeloma 101/Overview with Dr. Brian G.M. Durie, Chairman and Co-Founder of the IMF, from Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, CA
  • Best Therapies for Elderly Patients with Dr. Robert Kyle of the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Part Two

  • Best Therapies for Patients Opting for Transplant with Dr. Sagar Lonial of the Winship Cancer Center at Emory University in Atlanta, GA
  • Management of Bone Disease with Dr. Durie

Part Three

  • Clinical Trials and New Drugs with Dr. Paul Richardson of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA
  • Panel Discussion on Relapse Therapy and New Drugs with Drs. Durie, Kyle, Lonial and Richardson
  • What the Future Holds for Myeloma Patients with Dr. Durie

You can view the agenda for the live stream by clicking on the PDF tab above.

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