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The IMF Reaches Out to the Turkish Myeloma Community on a Bridge-Building Visit
By Nadia Elkebir
The IMF visited two cities in Turkey as we expand our relationship with the Turkish myeloma community.

The IMF visited two cities in Turkey last month, embarking on a bridge-building experience that promises to be a productive relationship with the Turkish myeloma community.

The event in Ankara started with a presentation by Dr. Meral Beksaç of Ankara University. After each case study Dr. Beksaç invited input from Dr. Rafael Fonseca, who traveled to Turkey from the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was exciting to see so many people coming together in cooperation to make the most of this educational opportunity. The patients clearly appreciated this. We look forward to making even more new friends during our next visit to Ankara!

The Istanbul meeting was even larger than the one in Ankara, and left me with very vibrant memories. There was an energetic exchange of information during the Q&A with the entire faculty of physicians, with many questions posed to Dr. Fonseca. And I was very impressed with the innovative presentation by Dr. Mustafa Cetiner of the American Hospital in Istanbul.

I was happy to meet Asli Ortakmac of the Turkish myeloma website and the Istanbul myeloma support group – she is a dynamic lady and part of an incredible team!

The IMF’s meetings in Turkey were a wonderful experience and I look forward to our return for future meetings and events. Dr. Fonseca expressed how pleased he was to be in Turkey and how important it is for all patients to be educated about myeloma and to keep a positive attitude as this makes a big difference in living with the disease.

To further assist with this effort, the IMF is working on translating some of our educational publications into Turkish. Many thanks the team from Celgene for all their support and assistance.

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