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Journalist Workshop from the 2012 HEMO Blood Disease Conference in Brazil

On November 8, 2012 the International Myeloma Foundation Latin America hosted a workshop for international journalists to discuss the latest treatments for multiple myeloma. The workshop was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil preceding the HEMO international blood cancer conference, and was streamed live and archived in English and Portuguese.

Dr. Angelo Maiolino, of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, discussed new options for the treatment of newly diagnosed patients. Dr Maiolino is also Chair of this year’s HEMO Congress.

Dr. Paul Richardson of the Dana Farber Cancer Center at Harvard University in the United States discussed the importance of continuous treatment in relapsed refractory myeloma.

Dr. Vania Hungria, of the Santa Casta de Misericórdia (Holy House of Mercy) in São Paolo reviewed the treatment landscape for Brazilian myeloma patients and differences compared to patients around the world.

Christine Battistini, President, IMF Latin America, discussed the role of the IMF in Latin America and the challenges Brazilian patients face when they need access to novel drugs.

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