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IMF Visits Seoul, Korea to Speak at Annual Myeloma Patient Day
Lisa Paik, Senior Vice President, Clinical Education & Research Initiatives, and Arin Assero, Vice President, Global Advocacy represented the IMF at a meeting of the Korea Blood Cancer Association (KBCA) in Seoul.

Front row (l to r): Dr. Sung-Soo Yoon (Chair, KMMWP), Lisa Paik (IMF), Mr. Tae Pyong Chang (Chairman/President, KBCA), and Arin Assero (IMF)

Front row (l to r): Dr. Jae Hoon Lee (member of the Asian Myeloma Network and former chair of KMMWP), Lisa Paik, Arin Assero, Mr. Chul Hwan Lee (Executive Director, KBCA), Ms. Jung Suk Park (Director of KBCA)
Second row: KBCA volunteers and staff

Mr. Chul Hwan Lee (Executive Director, KBCA) and Lisa Paik (IMF)

Arin and Lisa with KBCA Volunteers

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