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No-Sweat Summer Fundraisers That Can Make a Difference

Get involved, have fun and make a difference this summer by helping fund myeloma research, education and programs!

IMF Director of Member Events Suzanne Battaglia offers some out-of-the-box ideas for good works that are good fun. Bet you hadn’t thought of having a “Dress Up” day at the office. Now, where’d we put our tiara??? Contact Suzanne Battaglia at sbattaglia@myeloma.org for help organizing your event.


Top Ten No-Sweat Summer Fundraisers That Make a Difference

  1. Have a car wash in an office parking lot or at your local supermarket.

  2. Invite your friends and family to a backyard BBQ/pool party and include a drawing.

  3. Organize a book sale – ask everyone you know to bring their old books and have a Book Yard Sale.

  4. Organize a neighborhood yard or bake sale – ask everyone to bake their favorite goodies.

  5. Organize a recycling collection – paper, aluminum, glass, etc. and sell to recycling companies.

  6. Host a wine and cheese party. Contact your local liquor store to see if they will sponsor it.

  7. Organize a "Dress Up" or "Dress Down" Day in your office.

  8. Host a "Walk in the Park," culminating with a picnic, raffle, etc.

  9. Host a pet show – charge proud pet owners to show off their pooches, birds, etc. Ask a pet shop to sponsor the event.

  10. Run or walk in a local event, and send out letters to friends and family asking them to donate.

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