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IMWG Consensus Statement Regarding the Current Status of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation for Multiple Myeloma


I applaud your good work, BUT, as to your comments "Allogenic Stem Cell has been abandoned since the early 1990's" seems to be non factual. This is published in your treatment brochure as well.
Many cancer centers around the US and the world do many Allo transplants. I had a full ALlo in 2006 and Robin ROberts, noted TV anchorwoman had one last year, well noted on TV. There is a National Marrow Donor Registry, and why would they have this when it has been abandoned in the early 90's?
In early 2011 I had a Mini Allo series of four transplants, all successful as I am on no chemo maintenance and enjoying my eighth year of treatment.
My Sister-in-law is about to have a full Allo transplant in Philadelphia and this is for Leukemia. There is much done with Allo transplant for Leukemia.

I would like to know how you could publish this when the obvious facts say otherwise?

My brother was diagnosed at age 32 and had treatment with an autologous transplant and the chemo therapy drugs. When he relapsed and was not responding well he had another autologous followed by a mini allogenic transplant. My sister was his donor. That was in August 2011. His Myeloma has been in remission since then. He has however been dealing with chronic gvhd, but they have been able to keep it under control so far.

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