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IMF is Proud to Announce a Cooperative Agreement with the Chinese Health Promotion Foundation
September 9, 2010, the International Myeloma Foundation signed a cooperative agreement with the Chinese Health Promotion Foundation (CHPF), an agency that operates under the Chinese Ministry of Health, to promote awareness of myeloma in China and to encourage measures to prevent and combat the disease. This agreement substantially expands IMF’s presence in Asia and will support the thousands of myeloma patients in China.

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It's over a year now, since this agreement is signed. We should have seen lots of statistics and treatments experience post from the Chinese Myeloma Medical society, even they got different version of drugs in their treatment. I saw stemcell transplant centre in Shanghai's RuiJin Hospital are occupying two floors of their in patient units. And I know patients from other city like WuHan. The population of the Myeloma patients are quiet sigificant.

We should have a platform to allow individual Myeloma doctors to share their data and experience directly on line with IMF. So, we don't need to wait the whole country's Myeloma doctor's data to be translated and submitted to IMF. And trust me, Most of the MDs in China are good enough to express them in written English.

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