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Sydney 2005:
Update on High Dose Therapy: MRC Studies
By Anthony Child, MD
Dr. Child closed presented on the MRC studies (Medical Research Council; United Kingdom). The MRC Myeloma VII trial evaluated standard conventional chemotherapy to HDT. Results from this trial were reported and published 2 years ago. At this meeting, Dr. Childs presented a recent analysis that showed improved PFS and OS with HDT, clearly showing an advantage of intensive transplantation. Dr. Childs also presented the Myeloma IX study that incorporates high-dose melphalan as the standard component of treatment for patients of all age groups. Dr. Childs pointed to future trials that may come out of Myeloma IX will evaluate the enhancement of induction therapy for suboptimal responders, consider new relapse regimens, and determine selective approaches from good and poor prognosis patient subsets.

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