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Over 200 people attended the 2003 Los Angeles Patient and Family Interactive Seminar

Below are some photos taken at the event.

Faculty members (left to right) Jeffrey Wolf, Robert Vescio, Morie Gertz, Jean Luc Harousseau, Brian Durie and Grainger (not shown Lewis Mehl-Madrona)

Dr. Wolf spoke to the group about novel therapies.

Dr. Vescio spoke to the group about myeloma bone disease and about new techniques such as kyphoplasty.

Ann Grainger of "The Binding Site" explained the new FreeLite test

Lewis Mehl-Medrona made good use of the new MM Interactive technology as he gave an inspirational talk on alternative healing.

Dr. Harousseau spoke to the group about the latest findings in stem cell transplantation.

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