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Isolation Of Myeloma-Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes - Identification of Myeloma Tumor Antigents
By Dr. Catherine Pellat-Deceunynck, Nantes, France
The aim of our proposal is the identification of myeloma specific antigens that could constitute defined targets in immuno-therapy of multiple myeloma. The originality of our approach is to address the question of the existence of specific cytotoxic T cells without any presumption concerning the nature of the putative tumor antigens. The first part of the project is the isolation of cytotoxic T lymphocytes that specifically kill myeloma cells but not B lymphocytes. Once such T cells will be isolated, the recognized antigen will be cloned in the COS cells transfected with a myeloma cDNA library and screened by the T cell reactivity.

This project is already activated since we have recently demonstrated the existence of autologous HLA-restricted T cells cytotoxic against myeloma cells but not against autologous B or T cells. We have shown that such T cells can be selected upon coculture in vitro with autologous myeloma cells.

Since it remains difficult to immortalize myeloma cells into cell lines, we now propose to extend our approach in isolating cytotoxic T lymphocytes from blood of multiple myeloma patients HLS matched with established cell lines. Our aim is to identity shared antigens in order to be able to propose an immunotherapy that could be applicable to most patients within a few years.
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