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David Emerson

Cleveland, Ohio; DD91496@aol.com

1959 / Class of '94 / Non-secretory / PBST, radiation, anti-neoplaston, remission / Last Update: 5/02

Diagnosed with non-secretory MM 2/94. 5 rounds of VAD, 2 rounds of Cytoxan and PBST transplant in December of 1995. No detectible mm when I left the hospital after the transplant. Reoccurrence 10/96, local radiation. Second reoccurrence 9/97. Oncologist prescribed palliative care. Terminal. Went to the Burzynski Clinic in Houston, 10/97. Underwent antineoplaston therapy for the next 17 months. Tumors shrank and disappeared. No MM since '99. No side effects from the antineoplaston therapy. Questions call 440-247-3877.

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