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IMF 2000 Research Grant Awards
Dr. Elliot Epner - The University of Arizona - Genetic Analysis of Gene Detegulation by Immunoglobulin Regulatory Sequences in Multiple Myeloma

Roger N. Pearse, M.D., Ph.D. - Rockefeller University - The Role of the Osteoclast Differentiation Factor TRANCE in Myeloma Associated - Associated Bone Destruction (2nd year renewal)
Multiple myeloma disrupts the TRANCE/ osteoprotegerin cytokine axis to trigger bone destruction and promote tumor progression published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States (PNAS)

Klein Grant:
Dr. Scott Schuetze - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Cloning and Characterization of Myeloma Idiotype Specific T Cells

Los Angeles Support Group Grant:
Dr. Hon Jin Mark Ma - Brentwood Basic Research Institute - Human Serum Antibodies to a Major Defined Epitope of Myeloma Specific Human Herpesvirus 8 Small Viral Capsid Antigen

Brian D. Novis Grants:
Dr. Rudi Hrncic - University of Tennessee - Immunotherapy and Molecular Diagnosis of AL Amyloidosis (2nd year renewal)

Dr. Anders Sundan - Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Biology - The Role of Bone Morphometric Protein in Growth Control and Apoptosis of Myeloma Cells

Dr. Ivan Van Riet - Free University of Brussels - Study of Homing Mechanisms Involved in the Biology of Multiple Myeloma (2nd year renewal)

IMF(UK) Dr. Colin Thomson Research Grants:
Dr. Catherine Pellat-Deceunynck - Central Laboratory for Haematology in Nantes, France - "Cloning of gene encoding for antigens recognised by myeloma-specific CTL. Tumour-testis MAGE genes in myeloma: expression profile and vaccination of myeloma proteins".

Dr. Peter Croucher - University of Sheffield Medical School - "Meltalloproteinase inhibitors as modulators of interleukin-6 receptor shedding and tumour progression in multiple myeloma - a novel therapeutic approach".

The IMF is pleased to expand our research grant program to include Senior Grant awards. This year, two grants of $80,000 each were presented to senior investigators:

Gregory R. Mundy, MD - University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas - "Preclinical Evaluation of Novel Genetically Engineered Chimeric Peptide for Treatment of Myeloma Bone Disease."

Dr. Hakan Mellstedt - Karolinska Institute, Karolinska Hospital Stockholm, Sweden - "Natural Idiotype Specific T-cell Immunity and Development of Idiotype Vaccination Strategy in Early Stage Myeloma."

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