We are international
The IMF awarded six junior grants of $40,000 each:

Nancy Borson, Mayo Clinic, U.S. In-vivo analysis of isoforms of B-cell Specific Activating Protein (BSAP) in malignant and normal bone marrows

Elliot Epner, University of Arizona, U.S. Cyclin DI deregulation in multiple myeloma, ($40,000)

Rudi Hrncic, University of Tennessee, U.S. Immunotherapy & molecular diagnosis of Al Amyloidosis (third year funding recipient)

Klaus Podar, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, U.S. The pathophysiological relevance of VEGF in multiple myeloma

Daniel Sze, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, Australia Identification of the specificity of potential myeloma-specific clonal CD8 T cells using TCR transfectants

Amir Toor, University of Arkansas, U.S. DNA double strand break repair by non-homologous end joining in multiple myeloma
Dr. Toor's report on his research from the February 2002 Myeloma Today

The IMF is pleased to expand our research grant program to include Senior Grant awards. This year, two grants of $80,000 each were presented to senior investigators:

Herve Avet-Loiseau, Institut de Biologie, Nantes, France Microarray analysis of primary multiple myeloma specimens

Robert G. Fenton, University of Maryland, U.S. A high-throughput assay for inhibitors of STAT 3 signaling