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HOPELINK—An open, searchable database of clinical trials, customized for the IMF.

The IMF has entered into a partnership with HopeLink, which provides easy access to information about clinical trials currently open for enrollment. The HopeLink Clinical Trial Service, available on the International Myeloma Foundation website, contains comprehensive trial listings in both standard and medical formats and includes eligibility criteria, investigative site locations, contact information, and the opportunity to determine if you meet preliminary eligibility criteria for selected trials. Over 90 trials are currently open for enrollment.

To use the service, click here: www.hopelink.com/clinicaltrials/11/clinicaltrials.jsp.

You can also access HopeLink through the Clinical Trials section of the Myeloma Minute. Each link will instantly connect you to an updated list of sites which are accruing patients for that trial. HopeLink's expanded functionality also offers the opportunity to customize your own search criteria, print trial summaries for your doctor and save information through Trial Tracker to your own account. These and other features are just a click away.

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