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Myeloma at the Movies!
The IMF's Patient & Family Seminars on tape.

The IMF is pleased bring you Myeloma At The Movies. It has long been our goal to bring our Patient & Family Seminars to people around the country who might not be able to attend an actual meeting; and so we have set up a video lending library. The tapes are listed by topic, and include the question and answer sessions:

Tape 1 Kyphoplasty Procedure for Myeloma
Dr. Jean Valory Coumans
29 minutes

Tape 2 Supportive Care Including Complications of Bone Disease
Dr. Phil Greipp
35 minutes

Tape 3 Novel Therapies for Myeloma
Dr. Brian Durie
30 minutes

Tape 4 High Dose Therapy - Stem Cell Transplantation
Dr. Sundar Jagannath
40 minutes

Tape 5 Myeloma 101 - Including MGUS
Dr. Robert Kyle
33 minutes

Tape 6 Approach to Newly Diagnosed Myeloma & Conventional Chemotherapy
Dr. Vincent Rajkumar
27 minutes

Tape 7 After Any Diagnosis - Carol Svec
Taking Charge & Getting Organized - Mike Katz
Senate Appropriations Sub Committee Hearing - Susie Novis
35 minutes

Tape 8 Management of Bone Disease
Dr. Brian Durie
39 minutes

Tape 9 Standard Therapy for Myeloma
Dr. Bob Kyle
40 minutes

Tape 10 Overview of Myeloma and an Update on Amyloidosis
Dr. Morie Gertz
34 minutes

Tape 11 High Dose Therapy and Transplantation
Dr. William Bensinger
40 minutes

Tape 12 Patient Testimonials
John Schwartz & Richard Dennison
25 minutes

Tape 13 Determining the Efficacy of Clinical Trials & VELCADE for Injection
Elizabeth Trehu, MD, FACP
60 minutes

Tape 14 Standard Therapy for Myeloma
Dr. Brian Durie
36 minutes

Tape 15 Overview of Myeloma & Update on Amyloidosis
Dr. Morie Gertz
38 minutes

Tape 16 Novel Therapies with Focus on Velcade
Dr. Jeffrey Wolf
27 minutes

Tape 17 Update from the Intergroupe Francais Myelome
Dr. Jean Luc Harousseau
53 minutes

Tape 18 Management of Bone Disease
Dr. Robert Vescio
48 minutes

Tape 19 Alternative Healing
Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona
39 minutes

Tape 20 The Binding Site
Anne Grainger, RN
25 minutes

Tape 21 Strength 4 Your Journey
available in CD-ROM ONLY
Taking control of your cancer.

If you would like to borrow a tape, please call Paul Hewitt at the IMF at 800-452-2873. There is no charge for the tapes, however a credit card number is needed to borrow a tape, and your card will be charged $25 if you lose or forget to return the tape within 30 days.

The IMF will continue to videotape future seminars and key talks for our library!

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