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Perspectives in Multiple Myeloma:
Advancements in Treatment & Research

The IMF is pleased to announce that our next Patient & Family Seminar will take place in Atlanta, GA on March 8th and 9th at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

Patient & Family Seminars are the best way to stay informed of new developments in the treatment and management of myeloma. Patient & Family Seminars are extremely valuable for both newly-diagnosed patients as well as long-term survivors. The myeloma world is rapidly changing and attending a seminar is a great way to stay "in the loop." Knowledge is power! The more you learn about myeloma, the easier it will be to make educated treatment choices. The following topics will be addressed:

Biology and staging of myeloma and how it relates to treatment options

Treatments for MGUS, smoldering and Stage 1 myeloma

How a new class of bisphosphonates for the treatment of bone disease can improve a patient's quality of life

When to consider autologous and mini-allo transplantation

New technologies for myeloma, including the Snarecoil bone marrow biopsy needle, freelite serum light chain test and kyphoplasty

The fee for registration is $45 per person for the Saturday seminar. The $45 registration fee also includes continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Members may also choose to attend an optional Friday night welcome dinner. The cost for both days is $95 and also includes continental breakfast and lunch on Saturday. The IMF is pleased to offer the Ted Vasil Scholarship Award, donated by Ted's family and friends, to be awarded to a young myeloma patient (age 40 and younger). The scholarship will entitle the recipient to one complimentary registration for Friday and Saturday, and will include hotel accommodations for the nights of Friday, Mar. 8th and Saturday, Mar. 9th. Members interested in and eligible for the Ted Vasil Scholarship should notify the IMF at the time of registration.

Members may register via phone by calling (800) 452-CURE. For more information, please contact Suzanne Battaglia at (800) 452-CURE x. 227 or via email at sbattaglia@myeloma.org.

Myeloma News:

Chronic Graft-Versus-Host-Disease Improves Survival of Multiple Myeloma Patients Receiving Stem Cell Transplants
Results of a Canadian study published in Bone Marrow Transplantation, indicates that multiple myeloma patients are more likely to achieve long-term, cancer-free survival from an allogeneic stem cell transplant if the procedure causes chronic graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD).
(Courtesy of Acurian.com)

News You Can Use:

Essentials of Hypercalcemia
By Dr. James R. Berenson, Cedars-Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Center
Hypercalcemia, an increased amount of calcium in the blood, is a common metabolic disorder that occurs in 20% of myeloma patients at some time during their disease course.

Renal Involvement In Multiple Myeloma
By Dr. Hector J. Rodriguez
Although alterations of different aspects of renal (kidney) function is a frequent complication of multiple myeloma, being reported in 48-77% of cases, the occurrence of significant renal dysfunction in this entity is relatively uncommon, occurring in 18-25% of cases.

Dedicated Doctor Keeps the Torch Burning for Myeloma Patients!

On a cold Milwaukee night, Dr. Phil Greipp donned his Olympic sportswear and took to the streets, Olympic Torch in hand, to run his segment of the Olympic Torch Relay! Among the hundreds of spectators cheering along the sidelines were his family, friends and many thankful patients. Read more about this historic day and view pictures from the event.

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