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Myeloma Minute
April 7, 2016
April 7, 2016
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This week's question: Do all myeloma patients become high-risk at some point?

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Upcoming Events

April 8-9, 2016
Patient & Family Seminar

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


April 13, 2016
"NIH Funding: How it Benefits You as a Patient" Webinar

Livestream 4 PM PT/7 PM ET


April 23, 2016
Regional Community Workshop

Durham, North Carolina

August 19-20, 2016
Patient & Family Seminar

Los Angeles, California








Watch 12 New IMF Videos from Myeloma Experts - Now Available on YouTube


At the recent IMF Patient & Family Seminar in Boca Raton, Florida, myeloma experts recorded videos about managing patient care. Watch as Dr. Brian Durie shares insight into MRD-testing and the Black Swan Research Initiative®; 20-year multiple myeloma survivor Yelak Biru gives a patient perspective on how to “live with, but not for myeloma”; nurse practitioner Kevin Brigle, PhD, reports from the frontlines of nursing care and how to manage side effects; and Dr. Jean-Luc Harousseau addresses the role of stem cell transplant in myeloma treatment today. Other videos feature Drs. James Hoffman, Rudi Hrncic, Rafat Abonour, and Sikander Ailawadhi, as well as IMF President and Co-Founder Susie Novis Durie. To view any of of these 12 videos, click HERE.



The IMF Helped Mike Katz...Then He Grew Addicted to Helping Others


When IMF Board member Jason Katz’s father, Mike Katz, was diagnosed with myeloma, there was a scarcity of information about the disease. But with the help of the International Myeloma Foundation, Jason recalls, his father became more informed about his illness. The IMF introduced Mike to patient care, explained treatment options, and allayed his deepest fears. In an interview with Cure magazine, Jason recalls how his father conquered his fears and survived with myeloma for 25 years. “Once he started helping people, he just got addicted,” said Jason. To watch the video, click HERE.


Myeloma Patients, Caregivers, Families, and Doctors Convene in Budapest


MOHA Hauz co-hosted an IMF Patient & Family Seminar in Budapest, Hungary on March 19, 2016. Ibolya Kéri, President of MOHA (a patient organization for blood diseases), and IMF Director for Europe & the Middle East, Nadia Elkebir, worked together to organize the educational event. 220 myeloma patients, caregivers, and their families attended. The meeting kicked off with the announcement that Dr. Mikala Gábor from St. Lazlo hospital had joined the International Myeloma Working Group® (IMWG®). Guest speaker Dr. Rafat Abonour (Simon Cancer Center-Indiana University) presented “Multiple Myeloma—Therapy and New Therapeutic Options,” which was translated by Dr. Gábor. Other myeloma experts who spoke at the event were Drs. Nagy Zsolt, Dr. Judit Bilbó, and Agnes Riskó. To learn more about Magyar Onkohematológiai Betegekért Alapítvány, or MOHA, click HERE.


High School Senior Organizes a Wiffleball Benefit to Support Myeloma Research


Connecticut high school senior Mike Tuohy is holding a five-on-five wiffleball fundraiser for his senior project, the proceeds from which will benefit the International Myeloma Foundation. As Mike explains, “When I was two years old, my dad was diagnosed with a cancer called multiple myeloma. . . Everyone at the IMF is dedicated to help patients and their families to live better lives, provide us with information and support, and tirelessly strive to find a cure.” The IMF is proud to have young Mike on our team. The Five-on-Five Wiffleball Tournament takes place Saturday, May 14, 2016 at Hotchkiss Field, Route 69, in Prospect, Connecticut. You can create a team of five players, and register them HERE or simply donate to the cause. All proceeds will support myeloma research.








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