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Myeloma Minute
March 31, 2016
March 31, 2016
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This week's question: What is the status of the measles vaccine trial?

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City of Los Angeles Proclaims "International Myeloma Foundation Day" in Honor of IMF President Susie Novis Durie


The City of Los Angeles marked Myeloma ACTION Month this week by honoring the International Myeloma Foundation and IMF President and Co-Founder Susie Novis Durie in a ceremony at City Hall. Susie was presented with official City of Los Angeles Resolution designating Wednesday, March 30, 2016 as “International Myeloma Foundation Day in the City of Los Angeles.” Susie thanked the City Council and said: “The one thing I want to stress if you have an idea, don't be afraid to move that idea forward. Don't be afraid to let it grow. The IMF started with three people, and today, we have over 400,000 members in 140 countries around the world. The most exciting news is, thanks to our Black Swan Research Initiative, we're on the brink of finding a cure for myeloma.


Where Does the Myeloma Measles Vaccine Therapy Stand Today?


In his blog this week, IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie reports on the status of the engineered measles virus vaccine. Two years ago, the measles vaccine made headlines when it resulted in a dramatic response in myeloma patient Stacy Erholtz. Since then, a new company has launched to develop additional virus therapies. “Expectations are high,” he writes, “but, as in so many cases, we will have to be patient to see if this can prove to be a decisive new approach to myeloma therapy.” To read Dr. Durie’s blog, click HERE.


Register NOW for the IMF Patient & Family Seminar in Philadelphia


Four new myeloma drugs were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration last year. Understand what they are and how they can be used most effectively at the upcoming IMF Patient & Family Seminar in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 8–9, 2016 at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown Hotel. On Friday, myeloma experts will discuss with participants how to manage side effects, how to understand the FreeLite® and HevyLite® assays, and how to live well with myeloma. On Saturday, breakout session topics will include: myeloma basics, best therapies for elderly patients, best therapies for patients opting for transplant, updates on the Black Swan Research Initiative, management of bone disease, clinical trials, and all the new drugs available in 2016. To register, click HERE or call 1-800-452-CURE (2873).


Last Chance to TAKE ACTION this Myeloma ACTION Month!


The IMF thanks everyone who took action this month by spreading awareness about multiple myeloma! You shared patient and caregiver stories online, alerted your primary care doctors by sending the IMF myeloma awareness letter, supported IMF myeloma research, and took a stand for all those patients, families, and caregivers affected by the disease. Of course, our mission to find a cure for myeloma continues all year. If you are curious to know how you, too, can make a difference, click HERE.


Webinar: How You Can Advocate for Research Funding at the National Institutes Health (NIH)


The IMF Advocacy team hosts the webinar “NIH Funding: How it Benefits You as Patient” on April 13, 2016 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET. This webinar will focus on the importance of advocating for research funding at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), specifically how certain programs, such as grants for young, emerging researchers, and funding for clinical trials, impact myeloma patients. Learn how you can get involved in advocacy activities to help increase funding and spur new advances in scientific research that will benefit you as a patient. To register, click HERE.


First-Ever 5K for Multiple Myeloma in the Sunshine State of Florida


Inspired by her husband’s perseverance through his struggles with myeloma, Shawna Camilleri led the charge to organize Florida’s first 5K for the IMF. Shawna said she hopes that this 5K, which takes place on April 17, 2016 in Boca Raton, Florida, will increase awareness and funds for multiple myeloma. As she explains, “Multiple myeloma research and treatment is a scientific work in progress. The more attention and research dollars myeloma receives, the faster exciting new treatments will be developed.” To register for the 5K or to make a donation, click HERE. You may also contact Shawna directly at 954-249-3420 or at FloridaMultipleMyeloma5k@gmail.com.

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