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2016 Boca Raton Patient & Family Seminar

Emphasizing education, advocacy and support, the IMF Patient & Family Seminars empower patients and provide invaluable information to the myeloma community.


Welcome Announcements and IMF Overview
Susie Novis Durie

Ask The Experts
Dr. Brian Durie and Dr. James Hoffman

Living Well With Myeloma:
The Art of Battling Myeloma the Giant

Yelak Biru

Managing Side Effects
Kevin Brigle, Phd, NP

Understanding Freelite and Hevylite
Dr. Rudi Hrncic

Myeloma 101/Overview
Dr. Brian Durie

Best Therapies for Elderly Patients
Dr. Sikander Ailawadhi

Best Therapies for Patients Opting for Transplant
Dr. Jean Luc Harousseau

Black Swan Research Initiative Perspectives
Dr. Brian Durie

Management of Bone Disease
Dr. Rafat Abonour

New Drugs in Clinical Trials
Dr. Saad Usmani

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