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OMNI Network
The OMNI Network:
Living Well with Multiple Myeloma

What is The OMNI Network?

The OMNI Network is a collaborative effort between the International Myeloma Foundation and oncology Nurses. It is designed to provide ongoing support to those affected by multiple myeloma. This community outreach effort educates patients and their caregivers about the link between multiple myeloma and bone health. Presented by oncology nurses, the program shares current information on bone metastases and healthy bone.

People with multiple myeloma can be in control of their health. The key is not only to inform patients about multiple myeloma issues but also to discuss the management of their health. The OMNI Network was founded to bring education on living well with multiple myeloma to the patient population. It is our mission to inform and empower those with the disease to take charge of their health.

The OMNI Network matches oncology nurses with local cancer support organizations. These nurses, chosen from the local community, present an educational session to the group that includes a discussion of the basics of myeloma, patient materials, and resources. The 45-minute, interactive session focuses on health issues of particular importance to individuals with multiple myeloma.

Topics include:

What is multiple myeloma?

How treatment affects the bones

Treatment options for bone involvement

How you can live well with multiple myeloma

Through discussion, patients with multiple myeloma and their caregivers can talk about healthy living with an oncology nurse who understands the challenges they face in living with the disease. The focus of the program is to inform and enlighten patients through positive messages about taking control of their health and living well - all done in an atmosphere of support.

This special education program will be offered to support groups serving multiple myeloma patients throughout the United States. If your support group would like to participate in The OMNI Network, please call (800) 437-3033.

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