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The IMWG Conference Series "Making Sense of Treatment"
June 10, 2015

IMWG Myeloma Experts debate the latest trends in treatment
June 10, 2015
Vienna Austria

Drs. Brian Durie, Joseph Mikhael, Ola Landgren, and Paul Richardson discusses the following topics:

  • Diagnostic Criteria
  • Revised ISS staging and personalized medicine
  • MRD testing/response criteria
  • The challenge of double refractory disease
  • Drug costs and access: 2015 and beyond

Diagnostic Criteria

Revised ISS Staging and Personalized Medicine

MRD Testing /Response Criteria

The Challenge of Double Refractory Disease

Drug Costs and Access: 2015 and Beyond

Full Version

Seventh in the popular series of debates that debuted in Amsterdam in 2012.


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