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Spring 2015 Volume 15, Issue 2:
Myeloma Today: Spring 2015

Articles include:

  • Myeloma Treatment Progress Accelerates in US and Europe
  • IMF Launches Oral History Project
  • Helping Veterans with Myeloma

  • Dear Reader: 
    • A message from IMF President Susie Novis
  • Scientific & Clinical: 
    • Myeloma Treament Progress Accelerates in US and Europe
    • IMF Chairs Tokyo Flow Workshop
  • Nurse Leadership Board
    • Spotlight on NLB Nurse Leaders
  • Education & Awarenes
    • IMF Launches Oral History Project
    • inspirational Stories Raise Myeloma Awareness Around the World
    • IMF Advocacy Team Tackles Treatment Barriers
    • Helping Veterans with Myeloma
  • International Affiliates
    • Asian Myeloma Network Scores Treatment Access Victory
    • 2015 Patient Meetings Planned Througout Europe
  • Member Events:
    • What 'Just a Kid' Can Do
  • Investing in the Future
  • Staff Updates
  • 2015 IMF Calendar of Events

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